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From Lisa:

"River East is a very reliable cat sitting business. Angela watches my cats twice a day due to their special needs and my cats are always in a great mood when I return home. I never have to worry when I am out of town. River East, also, offers additional services such as mail pick-up and plant watering and will dispense medication when needed"


"River East Cat Sitting is a service that genuinely cares about your cats.  They treat my boys like they are their own.  I know that they are always in good hands and well taken care of when I travel." Kate Mills, Chicago.

Kabouter, Cami and Taffy

"Leah Thank you for coming around to meet Kabouter, Cami and Taffy last Thursday. Oh yes, and my husband and I, too! I was very happy to see how comfortable they were with you. Kabouter and Cami usually run for the bedroom when people are loud or too energetic. So, seeing the three of them lounging around in the living-room with you - and Cami even getting very cozy and friendly with you - was a very positive sign."

Enjoy the holiday season, and all the best for 2009! Ria and Kobus.









Artlicles Published

777 North condominium newsletter

November 2008


This month we spotlight Leah Trinkala and her business, River East Cat Sitters, Inc. Leah has been a condo dweller for many years and from her own personal experience, she knew the task of finding reliable care for pets when you travel could be daunting. She had the opportunity to board her cats before and during the stay one of her cats was not given her prescribed medication as instructed. This was a very great concern for her because her cat had a heart condition at the time.

Leah loves animals and grew up in a household with cats, dogs, parakeets, turtles, and gold fish. Currently, she has two cats, Faith and Cinnamon who are featured on her website, www.chicadocatcare.com

Leah started her business with the express purpose of providing reliable and quality cat care. Besides taking care of their physical needs - food, water, clean litter box and medication if required- she will play and interact with them and try to fill the gap while the family is away.

Leah’s love of animals does not stop with her business. She also volunteers at the Anti-Cruelty Society and has helped get cats adopted to many new families. Part of her work at the Anti-Cruelty Society is assisting with socializing the cats at the shelter so they are less stressed during their stay and feel more comfortable meeting potential adopters.
Leah looks forward to taking care of YOUR cats in the near future!
Leah can be reached at 312:286/2882?
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